NonFungible Lady

Hey there, I'm a NonFungible Lady, an artist by passion. I went to art school (BFA) but had to take on a job at an office front desk to make a living; NFT offers me hope and a chance to pursue my career as a full-time artist. Some of my artistic inspirations are Alex Katz, Alice Neel, and Jenny Saville.

I started my NFT art journey in September 2021 but did not see much success as an artist selling my art due to my artworks' lack of appeal to influencers. I feel crushed and had given up on NFTs and went back to my daily job and tried to forget it all. Recently, seeing the renewed appreciation for female artist NFT projects makes me want to give it one more try to see if my art will get some recognition.

I have no idea how to do whitelists and hype up my community, and the mint of my art probably never will be finished, but I have faith in my art and will let them speak for themselves.

Thank you for supporting my art. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Les Non Fongible Femmes is my first series of NFT paintings, limited to 500 NFTs. You can find them on OpenSea. 

FemmeVerse is my second NFT painting collection, with a more diverse series of femme portraits, I call them VFemmes, you can find them on OpenSea or mint new ones here. Limited to 10000 NFTs. 

Art is my focus,
NFT is one of my mediums.